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Nursing a toddler is an experience that not everyone will have. Nursing a toddler can be an amazing and special time. Having a nursing relationship with a child who is active and responsive brings on a whole new set of challenges. Finding support is extremely helpful, giving you somewhere to share your feelings without facing criticism.

There are many reasons to continue nursing a baby into early childhood. Continuing to give antibodies, digestive enzymes and immunoglobulins keeps your active toddler protected from disease. Nursing a toddler gives her the assurance that her needs are being met while starting on the road to independence. Nursing can also allow you a few moments respite from chasing a busy child. The upset from a fall can quickly be overcome by some time at your breast. The reasons to continue nursing are vast, but none compares to the sense of appreciation that comes over a toddler's face when he realizes nursing is at hand. That joyous look convinces me that nursing a toddler is not only acceptable but is something that is completely natural and beautiful.

Knowing when to wean your child can be difficult. Keep in mind that nursing is a relationship between two people. The needs of both need to be met. Following your heart and your baby's signals will allow you to find the perfect weaning rhythm for your relationship.

It can be difficult to sustain a relationship under heavy criticism from family and friends. Informing yourself of the merits of a nursing relationship with an older child can make the way much smoother. Surrounding yourself with others who appreciate the values of nursing a toddler will give you a sense of belonging and acceptance. Know that you are one of millions of women around the world that choose to let weaning happen as a natural occurance, on its own unique timetable. Feel confident in the belief that continuing to nurture your child at your breast will bring you and your child closer for years to come.

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