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Dangers of Formula


Formula is an artificial substance that is made to replicate mother's milk. It is NOT a duplicate of mother's milk. Pick up a can of formula and read the ingredients to see that it is quite inferior to breastmilk. It is mainly made up of sugar and oils and a protein such as cow's milk, soy or whey. It does not contain antibodies, digestive enzymes, or immunoglobulin. Babies that are fed formula are 14 times more likely to be hospitalized in their first year. These babies are more prone to respiratory illnesses, ear infections and diarrhea. Babies that are fed formula instead of breastmilk miss out on the intense physical bond that allows them to develop a sense of trust in the world. Giving your baby formula is not the same as breastfeeding. Formula is not an equal substitute for breastmilk. It can keep alive a baby that has no access to breastmilk but is actually fourth on the list of best food choices for baby. The first three being breastmilk from the mother's breast, breastmilk pumped and given in a bottle and then another mother's milk from a milk bank.

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